About Us

All Aboard St. Marys was founded in 2012 by several Perth County residents concerned by the impending VIA cuts and not willing to take “no” for an answer on this vital issue. Since then, we have played a key role in making better, faster and more affordable rail passenger service a high-profile issue throughout our region.

In building a compelling case for modernized service on the Toronto-London North Main Line and throughout Southwestern Ontario, we have consistently and continuously engaged key stakeholders, including rail agencies, our federal, provincial and municipal representatives, community leaders, rail experts, the media and many others. We have made improved rail service a leading news story.

We’ve also commissioned several reports to factually demonstrate that we must have better rail service if we are to compete economically, socially and environmentally with all those regions around the world that have recognized the benefits of and made the commitment to high-performance passenger trains.

We invite you to review our work and get the facts here on our website. We welcome you for the overdue journey to better rail passenger service for today and the future.

All aboard!