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August 15, 2017 — St. Marys citizen’s group assists Atlantic Canadian advocates in saving their VIA trains
August 1, 2017 — Time for Ottawa and Queen’s Park to get their acts together on rail passenger improvements
July 29, 2017 — Is there a plan B for our rail passenger service?July 21, 2017 — St. Marys citizens’ group agrees fully with Transport Action on high-speed scheme
June 29, 2017 — Ottawa’s VIA Rail board appointments: Same old circus with new performers
May 19, 2017 — Ontario high-speed rail proposal just a pre-election come-on, not a doable plan
April 25, 2017 — Ontario’s high-speed rail study: A two-year waste of time and money
November 28, 2016 — Search for new VIA Rail chairperson holds promise of real and long-overdue change
November 9, 2016 — Southwestern Ontario’s rail service keeps sinking, but VIA and Ottawa take no action
October 21, 2016 — House of Commons investigation of VIA Rail timely and necessary, says citizens’ advocacy committee
October 3, 2016 — All Aboard St. Marys releases its first “Top 10 List of VIA Rail Nose-Stretchers”
September 1, 2016 — VIA’s latest report: Another smoke screen
August 26, 2016 — Applause for Senator Bob Runciman’s open letter on inadequate VIA service
August 20, 2016 — All Aboard St. Marys salutes Amtrak and our lucky American colleagues
August 18, 2016 — We’re All Aboard St. Marys Now!
August 15, 2016 — Ottawa to rail passengers: Sunny words, studies and vanishing funding
August 8, 2016 — VIA Rail proposes commuter trains for Halifax, but still no improvements for Southwestern Ontario
August 1, 2016 — Feds are going off the rails on passenger train policy
July 25, 2016 — U.S. magazine paints disturbing portrait of VIA Rail
July 18, 2016 — Save VIA continues to ask: “Why not in Canada?”
June 29, 2016 — VIA Rail all talk and no action on promised train service expansion for Southwestern Ontario 
May 4, 2016 — Save VIA agrees with Auditor General’s report: VIA has ‘deficiencies and lacks direction’
March 24, 2016 — VIA Rail and the Federal Budget: More repairs, more studies, but no service improvements yet
January 18, 2016 — Save VIA’s message to Canadians: “Ask your MP”
December 29, 2015 — Save VIA in 2016: A New year, a new government and a new campaign for better rail service
November, 2015  — Media Advisory: Transport Action to release VIA Rail revival plan in St. Marys
October 14, 2015 — It’s time to vote for VIA
September 3, 2015 — Saving VIA Rail: “Ask Your Candidate”
August , 4, 2015 — Pre-Election VIA Spending Promise = Zero for St. Marys
June 19, 2015 — Via Rail in St. Marys: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
May 15, 2015 — Noted rail consultant and policy adviser joins Save VIA

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All Aboard St. Marys parade spans rail’s past, present and future — September 23, 2016 [Read More]

All Aboard St. Marys to be more direct, more aggressive — September 16, 2016 [Read More]

Transport Minister Marc Garneau says VIA train could be answer to SWO travel — September 15, 2016 [Read More]

Red light error not GO’s fault, Metrolinx says — September 14, 2016 [Read More]

St. Marys urges Perth on rail link: don’t get your hopes up — September 12, 2016 [Read More]

VIA Rail in London, Sarnia to get upgrades — September 12, 2016 [Read More]

VIA train blew through stop sign meant to stop crash with GO train — September 12, 2016 [Read More]

We’re All Aboard St. Marys now! — September 9, 2016 [Read More]

VIA Rail engineers under investigation after near collision — September 9, 2016 [Read More]

Comment: Do Vancouver Island rail service right, or call it a day — August 31, 2016 [Read More]

VIA Rail link between Perth, Smiths Falls could become reality by 2019 — August 30, 2016 [Read More]

Opinion:  Passenger train service falling off the rails — August 28, 2016 [Read More]

Rail success requires wider network approach — August 26, 2016 [Read More]

Improve VIA Rail service to Brockville: Senator — August 24, 2016 [Read More]

CBC Radio Metro Morning:  Rail Safety — August 23, 2016 [Read More]

Rail passenger op-ed — August 19, 2016 [Read More]

Frustrated by inertia, Save VIA group rebranding as All Aboard St. Marys — August 12, 2016 [Read More]

Rebuttal: CN not to blame for VIA’s problems — May 20, 2016 [Read More]

Quebec pension fund Caisse’s Montreal LRT plan derails VIA’s pitch for dedicated tracks — May 18, 2016 [Read More]

If VIA gets you across the nation on time, buy a lottery ticket — May 17, 2016 [Read More]

Barbara Kay:  The case for subsidizing trains — May 11, 2016 [Read More]

Minister in denial about VIA’s woes: expert — May 9, 2016 [Read More]

Barbara Kay:  At $317 million, VIA Rail is cheap to maintain Canada’s rail heritage — May 5, 2016 [Read More]

Passengers face delays as profitable freight traffic increases on CN-owned tracks — April 30, 2016 [Read More]

VIA lobbying against high-speed rail system that would halve travel time from London to Toronto — April 15, 2016 [Read More]

VIA Rail ready to roll out plan for faster service along Quebec-Ontario route — April 14, 2016 [Read More]

Consultant presents a ‘complete transportation system’ for Oxford County — April 14, 2016 [Read More]

Why VIA passenger rail is worth saving — March 16, 2016 [Read More]

A vision for high-performance rail in Ontario — March 7, 2016 [Read More]

The heat is on to get high-speed rail proposal for Southwestern Ontario to province by fall — February 18, 2016 [Read More]

St. Catharines wants VIA Rail service again — February 8, 2016 [Read More]

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