Train Facts

VIA Rail’s 2016 Annual Public Meeting

Amtrak Announces Next Generation of High-Speed Rail

Amtrak: The First 40 Years

Amtrak’s New Long-Distance Single-Level Cars

Amtrak’s New Cities Sprinter Electric Locomotives

Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor: Time to Build

Amtrak’s 500 Destinations

Meet Florida’s New Express Train: Brightline

California Intercity Passenger Rail: Keeping a Success Story On Track

The Capitol Corridor: Take the Train!

Capitol Corridor Sacramento-Roseville Third Track Project

Ride Along the Piedmont Improvement Program

Bringing Better Rail Service to North Carolina

North Carolina’s Piedmont Improvement program

Austria’s Railjet

GWR: Building a Greater West

GWR: History Beckons

GWR Intercity Express Test Train

Drive the New GWR Intercity Express

Somewhere in the World, a Train is on the Move

Rail Charts a New World

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