Amtrak’s Economic Contributions

Amtrak’s Benefits To State and Local Economies

The Amtrak national network of intercity passenger rail service is engaged in interstate commerce, supports the development of state and local economies, and connects small town America to the national economy. In key markets such as the Northeast Corridor, Amtrak bolsters the productivity of the U.S. business sector, supports the long-term economic growth of the region and enhances the global competiveness of the United States. America’s Railroad® is a large employer in its own right and supports thousands of direct jobs with millions of payroll income that yields additional jobs, spending and state tax revenues. Recognizing these economic benefits, and that Amtrak improves the quality of life in the communities that it serves, 18 states have partnered with Amtrak to use their own resources to fund service or increase frequencies on 30 routes in their states. In key corridor markets such as the Northeast Corridor and other commuter markets, Amtrak bolsters the produc vity of the business sector, suppor ng the long-term compe veness of this mul -state region.